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Excellent Alaskan Dall Sheep Taxidermy Mount GB4195


cabin lodge outdoorsy decor safariworksStunning, heavy-horned Alaskan Dall Sheep mount! This Sheep has a beautiful white coat with just a few tinges of light yellow. (His coat has not been unnaturally bleached.) Impressive, heavy horns, with the left side, measuring 34 4/8" around the curl and the right side measuring 33 4/8". The animal has a thick neck which accentuates the massive horns. The sheep is positioned with its head facing straight forward. There is no brooming, whatsoever, on the tips of the horns. Taxidermy craftsmanship quality rated at Excellent for this near-perfect specimen. An awesome addition for the big horned Sheep collector, or trophy room.

Product Rating: Excellent
Approximate Weight: 30 lbs.
Approximate Dimensions: 30" tall x 24" wide x 24" deep
Left Horn: 34 4/8" with 12" base
Right Horn: 33 4/8" with 11 7/8" base
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single, well-secured screw.
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About the Alaskan Dall Sheep

Scientific Name: Ovis dalli dalli

These white creatures are most notable for the males’ massive curled horns. Females (known as ewes) also carry horns, but theirs are shorter and more slender, and only slightly curved. Until rams reach the age of 3 years, they tend to resemble the ewes quite a bit. After that, continued horn growth makes the males easily recognizable. Horns grow steadily during spring, summer, and early fall. In late fall or winter, horn growth slows and eventually ceases. This start-and-stop growth results in a pattern of rings called annuli which are spaced along the length of the horn, and can help determine age. Dall rams as old as 16 years have been seen, and ewes have been known to reach 19 years of age. Generally, however, a 12 year old sheep is considered quite old.

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