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Premier Cottontail Rabbit Taxidermy Mount with Horns GB4202






taxidermy farmhouse children's decor for sale safariworksThis freshly mounted Cottontail rabbit is truly an oddity. He's a victim of the Shope papilloma virus, also known as cottontail rabbit papilloma or Kappapapillomavirus 2, and has hornlike growths on his head and face. (Look closely at the photos.) If you've been looking for a unique rabbit taxidermy mount, this is your chance! Most rabbits survive this virus, after which the growths go away. Fortunately, this rabbit was preserved while the growths were still in place making this an absolutely rare and Premier-rated mount. 

Product Rating: Premier
Approximate Dimensions: 9.25" tall x 8.5" long x 5" wide
Sits on its own on any sufficiently-sized horizontal surface
Ships for FREE in the Continental U.S.

About the Cottontail Rabbit

Scientific Name: Sylvilagus

Cottontail rabbits are among the 20 lagomorph species in the genus Sylvilagus, found in the Americas. Most Sylvilagus species have stub tails with white undersides that show when they retreat, giving them their characteristic name. However, this feature is not present in all cottontails nor is it unique to the genus.

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