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African Burchell's Zebra Skin Rug SW6274


taxidermy and outdoorsy decor for sale safariworks decorGood looking zebra skin rug. Perfect for your floor or as a wall hanging. Back side has a few patches. One nostril has been repaired. Small patch on hair side near the tail. All patches and repairs are pictured. Please review the photos carefully before purchasing. Priced according to condition. No returns due to existing condition.

  • Product Rating: Fair
  • 10' 6" long X 80" wide across rear x 73" wide across front
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  • Per state law, this may not be shipped to California

About the Burchell's Zebra

Scientific Name: Equus quagga burchellii

The plains zebra, also known as the common zebra, is the most common and geographically widespread species of zebra. Its range is fragmented, but spans much of southern and eastern Africa south of the Sahara. Six subspecies have been recognized including the extinct quagga which was thought to be a separate species.

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