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Woodchuck Taxidermy Mount - SW3398


Taxidermy Mount for Sale - Woodchuck Taxidermy 

Woodchuck for Sale
Nice-looking life-size Woodchuck, also known as the groundhog or whistlepig, taxidermy mount. This Groundhog is mounted standing on the hind feet on a wooden base. This older mount has beautiful coloring in shades of brown, reddish-brown and gray. Claws intact. Alert expression. The taxidermy quality rating is "Cabin Grade". This Whistlepig would make a great conversation piece!
Scientific Name: Marmota monax
Size: 19" tall x 8" wide x 12" deep.
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About the Woodchuck

Woodchucks, also known as Groundhogs or Whistle-pigs, are one of the 14 marmot species. They are the largest member of the squirrel family and although they are mostly known for their burrows they can also climb trees and are capable swimmers. An adult Woodchuck can grow to 24 inches tall when on their hind legs and weigh as much as 13 lbs. 

They prefer areas where the woodlands meet open spaces where they can eat grasses, plants, fruits and tree bark. They tend to gorge themselves all summer long in order to bulk up their fat reserves for winter.