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White Ermine Weasel Taxidermy Mount - SW4392


Taxidermy Mounts for Sale - White Ermine Weasel 

Taxidermy Mounts for Sale
Very unique and adorable white Ermine Weasel taxidermy mount. He is posed on all fours with his back arched and head turned to the left. Stunning thick, white fur pelt with the characteristic black tipped tail. The wooden base has a unique design. Taxidermy craftsmanship rating of "Excellent". This Ermine Weasel will make a great small decorative piece for the home and a very interesting conversation piece.

Scientific Name: Mustela erminea
Size including the wood base: 7" tall x 18" long x 5" wide
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About the Ermine Weasel- Mustela erminea

The ermine is found all over Canada, northern USA, and Eurasia. The Ermine lives in northern biomes such as taigas and the tundra. Ermines like to inhabit marshes, open spaces or rocky areas next to woodlands. The ermine is well adapted to living in this harsh environment. They make their dens in the old roots of a tree or in the crevice of a rock. Ermines are capable of having several dens. The ermine is a small animal that weighs between 3-15 ounces. The head and body length can range from 7-13 inches and the tail can grow up to 5 inches. The males are much longer than the females. In the spring and summer, the Ermine's coat is chocolate brown with a white underbelly and a black tip on the tail. In the winter the coat turns entirely white except for the black end of its tail. Since the ermine is a carnivore, it has 34 sharp teeth. It has short legs and a long body and neck, similar to a common Ferret. Ermines are very territorial. An Ermine's life span is 4 to 7 years, and Ermines are neither threatened nor endangered.

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