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V - Striped Skunk Taxidermy Mount for Sale - SW5587


Taxidermy for Sale - Striped Skunk 

Hoe to Sell Animal HeadsJust completed! Handsome full body V-striped skunk taxidermy mount. Sharp black and white markings. This skunk is self standing, requiring no base. Skunk has claws on all fours. His big, bushy plume tail is in the upright position, with the animal posed in the spraying mode. The head of the animal is facing to the left and looking up. Great, natural expression. Thick, plush coat on this mount with great coloring. A quality piece of workmanship, which earns the taxidermy rating of "Excellent." A perfect floor or mantle piece for the home, office or lodge or even for a wildlife science center.
Scientific Name: Mephitidae
Size: 22" tall x 19" long x 9" wide.
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