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Tragopan Pheasant Taxidermy Mount - SW4144


Lifesize Bird Mounts for Sale - Tragopan Pheasant

Premier Taxidermy Quality MountPhenomenal Full Body Temminick's Tragopan taxidermy display. The gorgeous pheasant is proudly standing on a base made of weathered wood and accented with moss. The Tragopan's head is turned toward the left. This magnificent bird has impeccable feathers with vivid colors of blue, orange, red, and pearl gray. The accurate detailing and masterful taxidermy have earned this mount our highest quality rating of "Premier." This is the perfect mount for the collector of bright colorful bird mounts.

Scientific Name: Tragopan temminckii
Size: 17" tall x 9" wide x 15" deep
Weight: 2 lbs.
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