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Striped Skunk Taxidermy Mount - SW3792


Mounted Striped Skunk Taxidermy for Sale

How To Buy TaxidermyJust completed! Absolutely amazing full body V-striped skunk taxidermy mount. This acrobatic skunk is doing a hand stand atop a slab of wood. The front paws are in contact with the wood and his back paws are kicked back and high up in the air. The big, bushy tail is posed straight up and fanned out. Detailing is expertly done throughout on this high-flying polecat. Claws are intact. Vivid coloring. Pelt is thick, soft and long. Length of skunk is 33" from tip of nose to the tail. Quality taxidermy rating on this piece is "Excellent". This one-of-a-kind mount would make an ideal gift or for ones own office, cabin or trophy room.
Scientific Name: Mephitidae
Size including base: 29" tall x 22" long x 10" wide.
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