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Spanish Goat Taxidermy Mount - Catalina - SW2342


Taxidermy Mounts for Sale - Spanish Goat 

Taxidermy Mounts for Sale
Beautiful Spanish Goat taxidermy mount. Great coloring with a long thick beard Taxidermy quality rated at "Excellent". Symmetrical horns measure 32" around curl with a 37" spread. Nice exotic mount for trophy room or office.

Size: 30" tall x 37" wide x 22" deep 
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the Catalina Spanish Goat- Capra hircus

The Spanish goat also called the brush goat or scrub goat came originally from Spain via Mexico to the USA. It is now a meat and brush-clearing type found widely in the United States. Until recently, these goats were kept mainly for clearing brush and other undesirable plant species from pasture lands. Spanish goats are hardy and can thrive in difficult environments. The Catalina Goat is one of the most frequently hunted Exotic Game species as their horns grow extremely wide making very impressive Trophy Mounts. The name, Catalina Goat stems from domestic goats named for Feral Goats found on the Santa Catalina Island near Los Angeles, California. A Catalina Goat, today, could be any type of goat offered for hunting...The Angora or New Zealand goats are classified as Catalina Goats.