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Snowshoe Hare Taxidermy Mount - SW4150


Small Game Hunting Trophies - Snowshoe Rabbit

Hare Taxidermy Mount for SaleJust completed! Striking life-size Snowshoe Hare taxidermy mount. This Snowshoe Hare, also known as the Varying Hare or Snowshoe Rabbit is mounted standing on his hind legs on a nice wooden base. The thick, soft hair is colored in the winter white coat with some streaks of tan and brown.  Great detailing throughout. Claws are intact. Deft craftsmanship and detailing earn this mount our taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent." A must-have accent piece for the trophy room or hunting lodge. 
Scientific Name: Lepus americanus
Size of display: 18" tall x 11" wide x 12" deep.
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