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Skunk Taxidermy Wall Mount - SW4252


Life Size Taxidermy Mount for Sale - Skunk

Skunk Taxidermy for SaleJust completed! Absolutely gorgeous full body Skunk taxidermy mount for sale. Mounted on a uniquely shaped base made of weathered wood and accented with brown foliage. The skunk is beautifully colored in shades of black and white with thick fur. The tail is long and bushy and lifted in the air. Front paws are positioned on the wood and claws are intact. Has great facial detailing with an inquisitive expression. Head is turned to look over the right shoulder.  The taxidermy quality rating on this mount is rated at "Premier."  This Skunk would make a great gift or as a nice decor piece for the home, office or cabin.

Scientific Name: Mephitidae
Size: 22" tall x 21" wide x 12" deep
Weight: 3 lbs
Wall hangers are attached. Hangs from 2 single screws.
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