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Sika Deer Taxidermy Mount for Sale - SW2743


Taxidermy Trophies for Sale - Sika Deer 

Taxidermy Mounts for Sale
A stunning Sika Deer taxidermy mount for sale. This Sika Deer presents nicely, with 4 x 4 antlers with near perfect symmetry and an 18" outer width. Nice and soft sandy brown earth tone colored hair throughout. The animal is positioned upright with the head slightly turned to the left with gorgeous facial detailing. This Sika Deer has earned our "Excellent" taxidermy quality rating and would make a perfect trophy room addition, or that next best exotic mount for the collection.

Scientific Name: Cervus nippon
Size: 42" tall x 18" wide x 21" deep.
Weight: 12 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single screw.
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About the Sika Deer- Cervus Nippon

A Sika Deer taxidermy mount will make an impressive décor piece or addition to a collection of taxidermy trophies.
Sika Deer are primarily a forest-dwelling deer that particularly prefers densely forested areas. However, these animals are able to adaptable to a variety of other habitats such as freshwater marshes and grasslands. These animals are highly adaptable and can be either grazers or browsers depending on the available habitat.
The original native range included China and other areas in Asia. Introduced population have led to established populations in many parts of the world including New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, England and several states in the US. Sika deer are primarily nocturnal. Adult males are solitary for most of the year but sometimes band together, while females with young form small.
Mature, male Sika deer, known as stags, sports a set of upright antlers, typically 3-4 points branching from the main beam on each side. Antler size varies between sub-species. Males will gather a harem with as many as 12 females during the course of the mating season. They will vigorously defend their territory during the rut. When running at slow speeds, Sika deer have a stiff gallop, but they exhibit a stiff-legged, hopping with all 4 hooves off the ground at a faster run, much like that of a mule deer.
Coloration is chestnut-brown to a deep, mahogany brown with numerous white spots. The degree of spotting varies with individuals and region. The head tends to be lighter than the body, with the chin, throat, and belly of sika deer having a lighter shading. Both sexes have a shaggy neck mane that darkens in the winter. During the rut, the stags also grow a distinctive mane on the back of the neck. A distinctive, white rump patch is evident, especially when the animal is alerted.
Sizes vary with region, but a mature stag will stand about 34 inches at the shoulder. A big stag may weigh as much as 175 pounds.