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Scaled Quail Pair Taxidermy Mount - SW3238


Bird Taxidermy Sales - Mounted Pair of Scaled Quail

Taxidermy OnlineGorgeous Scaled Quail Pair Taxidermy Mount. This Quail, which is also known as the Blue Quail or the Cottontop, display is mounted with the male Quail looking alert and the female is looking toward the male. Plumage on both birds is thick, full and beautifully colored in hues of grays, browns and cream. The detailing on both birds is accurate and very nicely done. The Scaled Quails are situated on a unique piece of driftwood, which is accented with foliage and then attached to a finished wooden base. Because of the outstanding craftsmanship of this piece, it receives the "Premier" rating. What a wonderful showcase piece for the home, office, or museum!
Scientific Name: Callipepla squamata
Size of display: 12" tall x 12" wide x 8" deep.
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