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Russian Wild Boar Taxidermy Mount - Hog - SW3295


Hog Mounts for Sale - Russian Wild Boar Taxidermy

Hog Mounts for SaleStunning Russian Wild Boar taxidermy shoulder mount for sale. Posed upright with a very slight turn of the head to the right. Ears laid back and the mouth is open, showing off his nice-looking tusks. The lower tusks measure at 3 3/4 ". Expert detailing on this huge hog. Very thick, coarse hair in nice shades of black, gray and cream colors. This is an all-around great mount and thus, it earns our taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent". Great addition to the trophy room, home or office.

Scientific Name: Sus scrofa
Size: 24" tall x 18" wide x 27" deep.
Weight: 18 lbs.
Ships in a wood crate.
Ships free!!

About the Wild Boar

The Wild Boar is a species of Wild Pig, also known as wild hog, feral pig, feral hog, razorback, Eurasian wild boar, Russian wild boar. Originally native to the forests of Europe, north-west Africa, and Asia. The Wild Boar has an extremely wide distribution with the number of estimated Wild Boar subspecies ranging from 4 to 25. Naturally, it is hard to classify them all as they can easily interbreed, so it is widely agreed that there are four main subspecies which are determined by their location. The Wild Boar is an extremely adaptable animal as it is found in a variety of different habitats, eats almost anything and not only runs fast but also swims well too.
Wild boars are covered with a coarse, bristle-like coat of hair, that consists of a harder, bristly top layer, with a softer undercoat beneath it. The hair that runs along the ridge of the Wild Boar's back is also longer than the rest. The Wild Boar varies from brown to black, to red or dark gray in color, something which generally depends on the individual's location. For example, Wild Boar individuals found in Western Europe tend to be brown, where those inhabiting the forests of Eastern Europe can be completely black. The Wild Boar has incredibly poor eyesight due to its very small-sized eyes, but they also have a long, straight snout which enables them to have an incredibly acute sense of smell. Males also have a hollow tusk on their top lip too, which actually acts life a knife-sharpener, constantly sharpening the male's bottom tusks, both of which can grow up to 3 inches long.
Wild Boars are not related to the southwest's javelina (collared peccary).