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Red River Hog Taxidermy Mount - SW8937


African Taxidermy Mounts for Sale - Red River Hog

Premier African Mounts
Very rare full body African Red River Hog taxidermy mount. This handsome pig is poised standing on all fours mounted to a habitat base accented with grass. The Hog is alert and the head is turned to the left slightly. Thick course hair covers the pig and is colored in shades of reddish-orange black and white. Beautiful facial markings.  This mount receives our taxidermy quality rating of "Premier" for expert detailing and craftsmanship. An ideal mount for collectors of African hunting trophies or for display in a museum. 
Scientific Name: Potamochoerus porcus
Size: 54" long x 28" tall x 13" wide.
Ships freight in a secure wood crate. 
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