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Quail Pair with Eggs Taxidermy Mount - SW4141


Game Bird Mounts - Gambel's Quail Couple with Nest

Premier Taxidermy MountsUnique life size Quail pair on habitat base. The male stands protectively over the hen as she watches their eggs hatch.  The male quail is facing forward with his head tilted to the right. The female is bent downward with her beak hovering over her eggs.  Both birds have beautifully colored feathers. The eggs are white and speckled with gray. The pair is surrounded by moss and varying forms of foliage. The entire display is set on a hexagonal shaped wooden base. The attention to detail and artistry of this scene earns our taxidermy quality rating of "Premier." This mount would make an impressive display in the trophy room, classroom, or hunting lodge.  

 Scientific Name: Callipepla gambelii
Size of display: 13" tall x 15" wide x 12" deep.
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