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Pyrenean Chamois Taxidermy Mount - Isard - SW4968


Isard Chamois Taxidermy Mounts for Sale

Taxidermy Buying GuideSuperb Pyrenean Chamois shoulder mount. Also known as the Isard Chamois. Mounted in a relaxed pose with a slight turn to the right. Excellent, thick hair in shades of brown and blond. Trophy caliber horns measure 8 5/8" and are symmetrical. Hard to find hunting trophy from the Pyrenean Mountains in southwestern France. The quality of taxidermy work is rated "Excellent".

Scientific Name: Rupicapra pyrenaica
Size: 21" tall x 10" wide x 19" deep.
Weight: 7 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the Pyrenean Chamois- Rupicapra pyrenaica

The species is found in alpine meadows, rocky areas, and the forested valleys and lower slopes in mountainous regions. This species generally stays above 5900 feet in alpine meadows during the warmer months of the year. These animals make altitudinal migrations from the forests in the valleys to the more open alpine meadows. In late fall and winter, they have been known to enter lands below 3600 feet, while usually staying on steep slopes, and rarely if ever occur in forested areas. In recent years some populations have started to permanently inhabit forest areas. When alarmed, chamois speed to the most inaccessible places, making leaps as high as 7 feet and spanning as much as 20 feet. Extremely nimble and surefooted, the chamois can travel up to 30 mph over steep or uneven ground. Alarm signals include whistling through the nose, 'sneezing', and stamping their feet.

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