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Ptarmigan Trio Taxidermy Mount - SW3415


Bird Mounts - Ptarmigan Trio in Seasonal Plumage 

Taxidermy Buying GuideSpectacular Ptarmigan Trio taxidermy mount. This unique display of Ptarmigans showcase them in the different seasonal color phases. One of the Ptarmigan's is in the pure white winter phase, one is in the brown summer phase and the third is colored in a mixture of brown and white. All have their tail feathers fanned out. Alert poses. Accurate and expert detailing throughout. These three birds are mounted standing on pieces of weathered wood, which is then attached to a nice finished wooden plaque. The base is accented with various wood, moss and foliage. For the absolutely outstanding craftsmanship, this display earns the "Premier" quality rating. This is sure to be a conversation starter whether placed in the home, office or even the museum! Great piece of wildlife art for the serious bird collector.
Scientific Name: Lagopus muta
Size of display: 24" long x 12" tall x 13" wide.
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