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Premier Ruffed Grouse Taxidermy Mount SW11013


taxidermy upland game bird decor western outdoorsy safariworksThis unique beautifully made and mounted Ruffed Grouse mount is sure to please. Perched on a mushroom growing from the bark of a tree, this brown morph ruffed grouse is presented in a manner rarely seen. The uniqueness of the mount, its coloring, detail and taxidermy quality earn this piece our taxidermy quality rating of Premier. It is a great piece for any upland game bird collection.

  • Product Rating: Premier
  • Dimensions: 10.5" deep X 19" tall X 14" wide
  • Hangs from a small nail or screw by its included hanger
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

About the Ruffed Grouse

Scientific Name: Bonasa umbellus

The ruffed grouse is a medium-sized grouse occurring in forests from the Appalachian Mountains across Canada to Alaska. It is non-migratory. It is the only species in the genus Bonasa.

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