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Premier Bighorn Snow Sheep Taxidermy Mount SW11139


exotic taxidermy mounts decor for sale safariworksThe Snow Sheep is truly a once-in-a-lifetime trophy! We see very few of these as the hunt is difficult to attain in many ways. This big boy has massive, heavy horns, with the left side, measuring 31" around the curl and the right side measuring 33.5". Both horns have 11.5" bases. The animal has a nicely shaped neck which accentuates the massive horns. The sheep is positioned with its head turned slightly right. Taxidermy craftsmanship quality rated at Excellent for this near-perfect specimen. An awesome addition for the Sheep collector, or trophy room.

Product Rating: Premier
Weight: approx 35 lbs.
Dimensions: 30" tall x 22" wide x 22" deep.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single, well-secured screw.
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About the Bighorn Snow Sheep

Scientific Name: Ovis nivicola

The snow sheep, or Siberian bighorn sheep, is a species of sheep from the mountainous areas in the northeast of Siberia. One subspecies, the Putorana snow sheep, lives isolated from the other forms in the Putoran Mountains.

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