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Premier 10 Point Mule Deer Buck Deer Taxidermy Shoulder Mount WS8000


taxidermy decor for sale safariworksThis impressive mule deer buck is posed in an upright and alert pose with his head turned slightly to his right. His symmetrical ten point rack reaches up and out to form a near-perfect basket. There is a slight notch in his left ear - most likely the result a a fight for dominance during the rut. This Premier quality-rated mount would be fantastic for that spot that requires a slight turn to the viewer's left.

  • Product Rating: Premier
  • Dimensions: 47" tall X 32.25" deep X 22.5" wide
  • Hangs from a single screw by its included hanger
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

About the Mule Deer

Scientific Name: Odocoileus hemionus

The mule deer is a deer indigenous to western North America; it is named for its ears, which are large like those of the mule. Two subspecies of mule deer are grouped into the black-tailed deer.

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