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Pine Martens Taxidermy Display - SW3509


American Pine Martens Taxidermy Mount

Taxidermy Buying GuideVery unique American Pine Martens taxidermy mount. This display depicts two Pine Martens within a beautiful habitat base of weathered wood, moss and rock, which is made for wall hanging. One of the Pine Martens is standing, very alert and measures 14" tall. The other one is in a resting position and measures 18" in length. Claws are intact on both. Their fur is silky soft in gorgeous coloring of rich browns. The legs are darker brown, while the face is lighter colored. Both have dark colored, bushy tails. Expert detailing throughout. For the rarity, beauty and craftsmanship of this mount, it earns our taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent". This will make a great piece to showcase in a museum, wildlife center, home or cabin.
Scientific Name: Martes martes
Size of display: 26" tall x 37" wide x 17" deep
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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