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Pike Real Skin Taxidermy Mount - Pike Fish - SW2622


Fish Taxidermy Mounts for Sale - Pike  

Real skin Northern Pike taxidermy mount. Mounted on a nice sunburst colored wood plaque, also with fish information listed as well as the catcher, (easily removed or modified if need be). The coloring on the fish still stands out rather nicely with creams, greens, browns, reds and pinks all catching the eye. The Pike measures in at 47". The Pike has had a repair in the past on its rear caudal fin, which was repaired nicely for a real skin fish. This is an older mount but still a nice piece.. Taxidermy quality is rated at "Nice".
Size: 42" long x 19" tall x 14" deep.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from double screws on either side of plaque.
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