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Nilgai Bull Taxidermy Mount for Sale - Blue Bull - SW3333


Exotic Nilgai Blue Bull 

Taxidermy Quality SellersMajestic Nilgai Bull taxidermy mount. The Nilgai, which is the largest Asian antelope, is beautifully colored in tones of black, brown, gray and white. Mounted upright with a straight forward look. Expert detailing throughout. Horns measure at 9 1/2". The quality of taxidermy craftsmanship is rated at "Excellent". This is a wonderful exotic mount for the trophy room.

Scientific Name: Boselaphus tragocamelus
Size: 38" tall x 15" wide x 28" deep.
Weight: 19 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the Nilgai- Boselaphus tragocamelus

The Nilgai, also called the Bluebuck is the largest Asian Antelope. The Nilgai is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, and Hindus accord it the same sacred status as cattle. Nilgai is the Hindustani word for “blue cow,” which describes the blue-gray of adult bulls. The Nilgai’s conformation, however, is more horse like than cow like it has a long neck with a short upright mane, a bony narrow head, a barrel-like chest, strong legs, and high withers sloping back to the croup. On the other hand, it has a hock-length cow’s tail that ends in a black tuft. Nilgai’s inhabit flat and rolling dry savanna covered by thin woodland and scrub. Requiring minimal cover, they avoid dense woods and are most abundant in central and northwest India. (However, Texas has over 36,000 descendants of Nilgai’s that were introduced in the 1930s, most of which are feral.) The Nilgai is only moderately gregarious. Herds of 10 or fewer are usual, and groups of 20 or more are exceptional.