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Muskrat Taxidermy Mount for Sale - SW5714


Mounted Novelty Taxidermy - Muskrat Standing

Safariworks ReviewsJust finished!! Chubby Muskrat taxidermy mount. Muskrat is standing tall on a wood plaque. Adorable expression with the classic buck tooth smile. He is nice and plump and has very thick, soft fur. Great coloring in tones of cream, reddish-brown and brown. Claws are intact. Long tail, which curves around on top of the wood. He is positioned with the head having a turn to the left. For the expert quality and beauty, this mount is rated as "Excellent". Great piece for the small animal collector or a nice decor piece for most any wildlife setting.

Scientific Name: Ondatra zibethicus
Display Size: 8" tall x 6" wide x 11" long
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