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Muskrat Taxidermy Mount for Sale - SW3727


Mounted Novelty Taxidermy - Muskrat Standing 

Just completed! Robust Muskrat full body taxidermy mount. This handsome fellow is mounted standing on his hind feet on a heavy piece of solid weathered wood. He has his front paws positioned in front of his chest. Claws are intact. The little buck teeth are clearly visible on this cute Muskrat. He has beautiful thick fur and is nicely colored in shades of reddish-brown, cream, brown and tan. Long tail, which curves around on top of the wood. This fat Muskrat is quality rated at "Excellent" for the superior taxidermy craftsmanship. Great piece for the small animal collector or a nice decor piece for most any wildlife setting.

Scientific Name: Ondatra zibethicus
Display Size: 17" long x 11" tall x 7" wide.
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