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Mountain Goat Taxidermy Mount - SW1994


Taxidermy for Sale - Mountain Goat 

Goat Taxidermy MountNorth American Mountain Goat taxidermy shoulder mount for sale. Head down pose with a slight turn to the right. Excellent white coat. Respectable horns measuring 8 1/2 inches. We give this mount a quality rating of “Nice”. Great addition to trophy room, office or cabin.

Size: 19" tall x 15" wide x 20" deep.
Weight: 8 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the Mountain Goat

A tough hunting trophy to earn, the Mountain Goat is a beautiful and uniquely adapted species whose range is restricted to the rugged mountain ranges of northwestern North America from Alaska through Washington, Idaho and down through Colorado. Goats prefer habitats that are steep and rocky, such as the rugged cliffs of mountainsides. Mountain goats are generally grazing animals, depending on the particular habitat and season of the year. Goats spend their summers in high alpine meadows where they feed on tundra grasses, herbs, and shrubs. Most goats will migrate from alpine summer ranges to winter ranges located around tree line but many are known to remain at alpine elevations year-round.