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Mouflon Sheep Taxidermy - SW4002


Mounted Mouflon Sheep for Sale - Exotic Taxidermy

Moufon Taxidermy Mount RatingNewly completed, handsome Mouflon Ram taxidermy shoulder mount. This sheep is mounted upright, relaxed with a very slight turn to the left. It is attached to a nicely finished wooden plaque. Hair is extremely thick, long and with beautiful coloring in shades of black, brown and tan. Detailing is perfect throughout. Heavy, thick horns have bases at 9". The right horn measures at 25" and the left is 24". This Mouflon has our highest taxidermy quality rating of "Premier". A great addition for the sheep collector or as a nice wildlife decor piece.
Scientific Name: Ovis orientalis
Size: 26" tall x 17" wide x 16" deep.
Weight: 13 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from well anchored screw.
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