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Marble Fox Taxidermy Mount - SW3297


Animal Mounts for Sale - Marble Fox 

Where to Buy TaxidermyJust completed! Stunning Marble Fox full body taxidermy mount. This gorgeous Fox is positioned on a great looking habitat base, constructed of an oval wooden base and accented with grass, moss, leaves, sticks and weathered wood. The Fox is in an alert pose with the right front paw bent and the left front paw in contact with the wood. The back right paw is positioned on the weathered wood and the left back paw is in contact with the bottom of the base. His fur is extremely thick and soft, and beautifully colored in shades of black, white and gray. Taxidermy craftsmanship quality is rated at "Premier". This Fox would complete any home decor, fireplace or as an addition to the trophy room.

Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes
Size including base: 35" long x 31" tall x 15" deep.
Weight: 7 lbs.
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Collections: North American Mounts

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