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Liechtenstein's Hartebeest Taxidermy Mount - SW4708


Mounted Liechtenstein Hartebeest Head for Sale

Taxidermy Mount for SaleBig African Liechtenstein's Hartebeest taxidermy shoulder mount. This rare hunting trophy from Tanzania is mounted upright with the head turned right.  Hair is thick and nicely colored in shades of reddish-brown and tan.  The detailing is expertly done throughout.  Horns are symmetrical and trophy caliber.  Because of the quality of the craftsmanship, this Hartebeest earns the taxidermy rating of "Premier."  Great find for the African trophy collector.

Scientific Name: Alcelaphus lichtensteinii
Size: 36" tall x 17" wide x 25" deep.
Weight: 17 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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 About the Hartebeest

The hartebeest is a large, fawn-colored antelope that stands four feet at the shoulder and can weigh up to 350 pounds. A unique looking antelope which at first glance seems strangely misshapen and less elegant than other antelopes. Clumsy in appearance, it is hump-shouldered, with a steeply sloping back, slim legs and a long, narrow face. It is far from clumsy, however, and is, in fact, one of the fastest antelopes in Africa. A hartebeest is a unique trophy and will be an interesting conversation piece hanging on the wall.
There are several varieties of hartebeest, dependent on geographic area. The shape of the horns and the color of the coat seem to be the most important diagnostic indicators. Others besides the Red Hartebeest include Hunter's, Jackson's, Lichtenstein's and Coke's which are found in East Africa.
Hartebeest prefer open grasslands, including savannas. While they may be found in the sparse bush country, hartebeest will avoid dense bushveld.

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