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Large Fir Tree Chainsaw Art SW10724


art decor cabin lodge rustic farmhouse for sale safariworksBeautifully handcrafted chainsaw art! These gorgeous fir trees are crafted one at a time utilizing a chainsaw then hand-painted in a perfect green with accents of white and glitter. If you're looking for just the right winter decor item for your farmhouse, rustic, cabin or lodge style home, you've found it. Your friends will be just as green (with envy) as these trees.

Trees are offered in sizes small, medium and large. Most of the photos show all three sizes of trees so you can compare the sizes. This listing is for large trees. To order more than one tree, change the quantity in your shopping cart. To order medium trees, search for item #SW10723. To order small trees, search for item #SW10722.

  • Product Rating: Premier
  • Dimensions: Approximately 23-25" tall
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Care & Expectations

    Natural Art

    Chainsaw carving art is austere and rugged in nature; naturally, your piece will be rustic, form cracks and naturally-occurring imperfections, and give the appearance of chainsaw marks. These are a part of the sculpture's character. A wood sculpture or carving should last for several years if it is properly cared for. Your carving will crack. It's the nature of a log to crack as it dries. This is due to humidity changes and is in no way considered a defect. It is part of the natural process, and it adds character to your piece. There are, however, some ways to prevent major cracking.

    Outdoor Carvings:

    • Outdoor carvings might be treated with oil, wood stain, paint, and/or varnish. Some smaller projects, like pumpkins/trees might simply be spray painted and glossed.
    • Try to keep it away from heat or the hot sun. A partially shaded display area is much better than sitting out in the hot sun all day.
    • Do not set your carving directly onto soil or grass. A platform like a pad of concrete, gravel, bricks, another stump, or pressure treated blocks under the carving allow for airflow and drainage. These supports will help protect the base from water and insect damage.
    • In winter, if possible, try to place your carving under cover but outside. Ice and snow can penetrate cracks and force them apart when freezing.
    • You can treat your fading carving with satin spar varnish one to three times per year.

    Indoor Carvings:

    • Indoor carvings might be treated with oil, painted, stained, and sealed with a varnish or a finishing wax. Outdoor carvings may be placed indoors.
    • Unless otherwise directed, the sculpture needs to be gradually acclimated to the inside conditions. Set your carving outdoors in a dry shady spot for a few days. Remember to elevate it off the ground (e.g. bricks, etc.). After the carving has sat in the dry outside for a few days, it can be moved indoors.
    • Don't set it in direct sunlight or by a heat source or a dehumidifier.
    • Don’t set your carving directly on the floor or table. It may leave moisture spots. Elevate it from the floor onto a platform, trivet or stool that prevents direct contact with the furniture.
    • If you see your carving is fading you can carefully apply some varnish or finishing wax.

    Items are sold as is.

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