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Javelina Taxidermy Shoulder Mount - SW3008


Taxidermy for Sale - Javelina 

Taxidermy Quality RatingGreat-looking Javelina Taxidermy mount for sale. The Javelina is also known as the peccary or skunk pig. Mounted in upright position with the head turned very slightly to the right. The hair is long, prickly and nicely colored in shades of black, brown and white. This Javelina is mounted with open mouth which impressively shows off the huge teeth. Ears are posed straight upward. Taxidermy craftsmanship quality rating for this mount earns our "Excellent" rating. What an amazing mount this would make to one's trophy room or for the cabin, lodge or office.

Scientific Name: Tayassu tajacu
Size: 17" tall x 11" wide x 16" deep
Weight: 4 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached, hangs from a single screw
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