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Hand Forged Bottle Opener 10mm Wrench SW10939


art artifacts decor vintage handmade safariworksAnyone who's ever turned a wrench while enjoying a frosty beverage knows that two things tend to disappear - the 10mm wrench (or socket) and the bottle opener. Well, here's the solution - in a beautiful hand-forged form - a combination bottle opener/10mm wrench. We expect one of two things to happen with these handy devices - either you will never again be without a bottle opener or a 10mm wrench or this will be like strapping a piece of buttered bread to a cat's back and dropping the cat. These wrenches may very well create a black hole in the universe! Either way, we're certain you will enjoy the artistry and functionality right up until we're all sucked into the black hole.

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  • Product Rating: Excellent
  • Approximate Dimensions: 7.5" long X 1.5" wide 
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