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Grey Squirrel Biker Taxidermy Mount for Sale - SW2673


Novelty Taxidermy - Squirrel on Harley-Davidson 

Where to Find TaxidermyJust completed and awesome looking Squirrel on Harley-Davidson taxidermy mount. This Squirrel is riding a 90's model Heritage Softail in two tone teal and silver, and mounted on a nice piece of wood. He is enjoying himself immensely, posed standing up on the boards with his head facing front. This Squirrel is a bulky fella, as you should be riding this cool hog. This Grey Squirrel is taxidermy quality rated at "Excellent". A perfect gift for the Harley-Davidson rider/owner/lover, or for home or office table decor to spark interesting conversation.

Scientific Name: Sciurus carolinensis
Size: 13" length x 6" wide x 12" tall
Weight: 6 lbs
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