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Genet Cat Taxidermy Mount - African - SW8973


African Hunting Trophy for Sale – Genet Cat

Genet Cat Taxidermy Mount

Striking Genet Cat with habitat base. The cat is positioned with body climbing down the habitat base. Expression is alert with head turned left with ears perked up in a listening manner. The Genet’s claws are intact. The thick fur has beautiful coloring of black and cream. Exquisite spotting and rings around the tail. The habitat base is an interesting piece of weathered wood. Accurate detailing throughout this piece earns our taxidermy rating of “Premier.” This impressive taxidermy display makes a great addition to any safari themed trophy room.

Scientific Name - Genet: Genetta genetta
Size of display: 19" tall x 15" wide x 13" deep.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Wall hanger attached. Hangs from a well-anchored screw. 
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