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Fringe-eared Oryx Taxidermy Mount - Gemsbok - SW3526


Hunting Trophies for Sale - Fringe-eared Oryx 

Where to Buy TaxidermyRare Fringed-eared Oryx taxidermy mount for sale. A relaxed expression on this animal and mounted with the head positioned with a very slight turn to the left. Great coloring throughout the mount. Horns are symmetrical, heavy and measure 26". Taxidermy craftsmanship quality rating of "Excellent". This Oryx will make a great conversation piece, as well as a beautiful addition to the trophy room, or African theme Safari decor.
Scientific Name: Oryx beisa callotis
Size: 44" tall x 20" wide x 30" deep.
Weight: 18 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single screw.
Ships in a secure wood crate.
Ships FedEx for free!

About the African Gemsbok

The Gemsbok often referred to as Oryx is a large African antelope with dramatic markings and long, spear-like horns. There are two varieties of Gemsbok. The Northern Gemsbok and a Southern Gemsbok. The northern variety has characteristic black tufts on the ears and are darker in color with thinner black markings. They are found in Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, and parts of northern Namibia. The Southern variety is more numerous and are found in the Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa. Southern Gemsbok has longer horns.

The female Gemsbok horns are longer, though thinner than the males. The horns of the male are heavier and average 33 inches. Gemsbok are one of the few antelope species where female trophies are sometimes more desirable than male ones.
This striking animal with has a thick, muscular neck with a short mane that runs from the head to the shoulders and a compact, muscular body. The distinctive black and white markings on their face include white around the nose and mouth, black on top of the muzzle, which joins a black band that runs from in front of the ear through the eyes to the middle of the lower jaw. The ears end in a black tip, and there is a narrow black stripe down the spine, a black patch on top of the rump and a black tail. There is also a black band that separates their gray-fawn colored flanks and the white underbody. Male Gemsbok can weigh up to 650 pounds and stand 4 feet tall at the shoulder.

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