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Fox Squirrel Holding a Walnut Taxidermy Mount - SW3671


Small Animal Taxidermy for Sale - Fox Squirrel 

Taxidermy Quality RatingNew mount!! Fantastic Fox Squirrel taxidermy full body mount. This cute Fox Squirrel is standing on the hind feet and holding a walnut with his front paws. He is mounted on a nice wooden slab. His coloring is in beautiful shades of gray, brown and cream with his front in the characteristic orange-brown. Claws are intact. The detailing is excellently done and the expression is natural. For the great craftsmanship, this Fox Squirrel receives the quality rating of "Excellent". This novelty item would make a great gift for the hunter or as an accent piece for the home or office.
Scientific Name: Sciurus niger
Size: 10" tall x 5" wide x 9" deep
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