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Flying Black Pheasant Taxidermy Mount - SW3326


Bird Taxidermy for Sale - Black Pheasant 

Taxidermy Quality RatingNew mount! In flight Black Pheasant Rooster taxidermy mount. Wall mount on a natural wood base. This mount shows off the bird's characteristic greenish-black coloring and his wide wing spread. Expert detailing throughout. For the amazing craftsmanship and beauty of this bird, it receives the quality rating of "Excellent". Unique piece for the trophy room, lodge, or office.

Size: 30" tall x 24" wide x 23" deep.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the Black Pheasant

The Black Pheasant is also known as the Melanistic Mutant Pheasant. They are a variety of the Ringneck Pheasant.  The Black Pheasant is similar in build and size to the Ringneck but has a completely different coloration.  The extremely dark feathers of the Black pheasant are iridescent when that are in the light but appear black when they are in the dark.  The male Black Pheasant can grow to 2.5 pounds and 35 inches length. Up to 20 inches of their total length is the tail feathers. Females are smaller. They can weigh up to 2 pounds and be 20-25 inches long but only 7-8 inches of their total length is tail feathers.

The Black Pheasant thrives well throughout the world in woodlands, light forest, and wild meadows. They also do well in wetlands, brush, and grasslands. Prime habitat consists of 55-70 % crop fields such as corn, soybean, or small grains.

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