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Fisher Taxidermy Mount for Sale - SW4056


Small Game Taxidermy Trophies for Sale - Fisher

Taxidermy Quality RatingVery rare life-size Fisher taxidermy mount. This Fisher is mounted sitting on his back legs with his front paws resting on a piece of driftwood. The face has a relaxed expression, and the head is turned toward the left. Detailing is superb throughout on this uncommon mount. Fur is thick and colored in shades of cream, chocolate brown, and reddish brown. Claws are intact, and the tail is long and bushy. This Fisher measures 37" from nose to tip of the tail.  The taxidermy quality of this mount is rated "Excellent." A perfect prize for collectors of hard to find hunting trophies.

Scientific Name: Martes pennanti
Size of display: 27" long x 10" wide x 18" tall
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