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Female Hen Ringneck Pheasant Hen Taxidermy Mount KG3054


taxidermy decor cabin lodge farmhouse safariworksThis attractive piece has captured the essence of a female Ringneck Pheasant. Beautiful shades of black, tan and brown throughout with a walnut stained base. See item number KG3057 for a rooster Ringneck with a matching base.

  • Product Rating: Nice
  • Dimensions: 17" long X 16" tall X 7.25" wide
  • Sits on its own simulated real world base
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

About the Ringneck Pheasant

Scientific Name: Phasianus colchicus

The common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) is a bird in the pheasant family (Phasianidae). The genus name comes from Latin phasianus, "pheasant". The species name colchicus is Latin for "of Colchis" (modern day Georgia), a country on the Black Sea where pheasants became known to Europeans.

The Melanistic Mutant Pheasant is a variety of the Common Pheasant that was developed in England over 100 years ago. Although these birds don’t have a truly native range, they have become solid members of forest ecosystems, and temperate woodlands.

     The Melanistic Mutant pheasant has a whole new coloration; as it has the blue-green iridescent coloring of the head of the Ring-Necked continued throughout its entire body. The male is also quite similar to the male Green Pheasant, but the later species has somewhat paler back and wings. 

     Male Mutant pheasants feature an iridescent, greenish-black plumage that displays blue, purple, rust, and green sheen effects in the sunlight. While the females are less colorful, and smaller in size, but have a depth of lacing like other hen species. Beyond their dark and exotic coloration, Melanistic Mutant pheasants differ from their Ring-Necked originators in their survival abilities. They are known with having a phenomenal ability to survive and breed when released into the wild.

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