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Excellent Wildebeest Tail Fly Swatter SW11188


african artifacts decor art for sale safariworksNo matter what's bugging you, this wildebeest tail fly swatter will chase it away! Swat flies or chase away other "pests" with this authentic African wildebeest tail fly swatter. The grip is handmade from native African wood and, yes, this really was used by a wildebeest to swat flies at some point in time.

  • Product Rating: Excellent
  • Dimensions: 26" long
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About the Wildebeest

Scientific Name: Connochaetes

Wildebeest, also called gnu, are antelopes of the genus Connochaetes and native to Eastern and Southern Africa. They belong to the family Bovidae, which includes true antelopes, cattle, goats, sheep, and other even-toed horned ungulates.

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