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Excellent Vintage Rowland Ward, Johannesburg Dorian Safari Ventilated Fedora Hat LB5092


taxidermy collectibles decor for sale safariworksWhether you plan to wear it or display it, this vintage Rowland Ward Fedora hat is as authentic as it gets! Sold by the famous Rowland Ward of Johannesburg, South Africa, this hat is a true collector piece. This is the Dorian Safari model. If you aren't familiar with Rowland Ward, Ltd, the Johannesburg store has been a world-renowned brand in the sporting and outdoor market since 1870. James Rowland Ward, a British taxidermist, founded the firm Rowland Ward Limited of Piccadilly, London in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The company specialized in, and was renowned for, its taxidermy work on birds and big game trophies. Later, the Rowland Ward company made fashionable items like this hat from animal parts like zebra-hoof inkwells, antler furniture, and elephant foot umbrella stands. This wonderfully preserved piece of Rowland Ward history in a beautiful olive green with a real zebra skin hat band, can be yours today. Don't miss out on this rare item!

  • Product Rating: Excellent
  • Size:  59 (U.S. 7 3/8)
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