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Excellent Red Fox Peeking from Its Den Taxidermy Mount SW11053


gray fox taxidermy mount full body excellentHalf body red fox taxidermy mount peeking from its den. Thick, plush fur with very nice coloring. Head is turned slightly to the mount's left and mouth is closed. Facial detailing is accurate and expertly done. The quality of this taxidermy mount is rated as Excellent. Great addition to the woodland critter collection and an interesting piece for the home, office, or trophy room. 

Product Rating: Excellent
Approximate Dimensions: 14.5" tall X 9" deep X 13.5" wide
Hangs from a single nail or screw by its included hardware
Ships for free in the Continental U.S.

About the Red Fox

Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes

The red fox is the largest of the true foxes and one of the most widely distributed members of the order Carnivora, being present across the entire Northern Hemisphere including most of North America, Europe and Asia, plus parts of North Africa.

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