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Excellent Male Chacma Baboon Full Body Lifesize Taxidermy Mount SW11024


african taxidermy decor safariworksAbsolutely magnificent male African Chacma Baboon taxidermy mount. This mount is free-standing, meaning that it does not need a base. This medium-sized baboon is in a walking pose with its long tail in a typical down position. The hair has beautiful coloring of  blonde and brown. The face is in an aggressive expression with the teeth bared. The expert detailing and craftsmanship of this mount earns our taxidermy quality rating of Excellent. An exceptional addition for the trophy room, cabin, hunting lodge or museum display.






This mount would make a great pair with the female Chacma baboon, item #SW11023: Female Chacma Baboon

Product Rating: Excellent
Dimensions: 26" tall X 35" long X 11" wide
Sits on its own on any sufficiently sized horizontal surface.
Shipping is free in the Continental U.S.

About the Chacma Baboon

Scientific Name: Papio ursinus

The chacma baboon, also known as the Cape baboon, is, like all other baboons, from the Old World monkey family. It is one of the largest of all monkeys.


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