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Excellent Blue Dusky Grouse Taxidermy Mount SW11162


taxidermy rustic cabin lodge farmhouse decor safariworksThis unique uniquely captivating Blue Grouse mount , also commonly referred to as the Dusky Grouse, is sure to please. Perched on a real tree branch with simulated moss , this grouse is presented with its head up and tail fanned to display its beautiful blue coloring. The coloring, detail and taxidermy quality earn this piece our taxidermy quality rating of Excellent. It is a great piece for any upland game bird collection.

  • Product Rating: Excellent
  • Dimensions: 18.5" deep X 16.5" tall X 11.5" wide
  • Hangs from a single screw by its included hardware
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

About the Spruce Grouse

Scientific Name: Dendragapus obscurus

The dusky grouse is a species of forest-dwelling grouse native to the Rocky Mountains in North America. It is closely related to the sooty grouse, and the two were previously considered a single species, the blue grouse.

Source: Wikipedia

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