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Excellent African Blesbok Taxidermy Mount SR4006


African taxidermy decor for sale safariworksEnjoy this fantastic trophy African Blesbok taxidermy mount in an upright, alert pose, with the head having just a slight turn to the left. This trophy Blesbok has beautiful sharp coloring and hair. Taxidermy quality rating of Premier. Great African theme decor. Due to the expert detail and high-quality taxidermy, we have given this taxidermy mount our quality rating of Excellent.

Quality Rating: Excellent
Dimensions: 36 tall X 20.5 deep X 13.5 wide
Hangs by a single screw from its included hanger
Ships for free in the Continental U.S.


About the Blesbok

Scientific Name: Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi

Native only to South Africa, the blesbok is a must-have animal on most South African plains game safaris. Though there are only one species of blesbok, they are divided into two “breeds”, the common blesbok and the white blesbok. Though both are native only to South Africa, they have been introduced in a few other countries. The only difference between the two is their color. White Blesbok are virtually all white, which is the result of selective breeding.

 Blesbok prefer to live on the open grasslands and avoid areas of dense brush. They are primarily grazing animals and normally live in herds of up to 25 individuals.

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