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Corsican Sheep Taxidermy Mount - SW8954


N. American Hunting Trophy - Corsican Ram

Corsican Sheep Taxidermy for Sale.Impressive Corsican Sheep taxidermy shoulder mount for sale. This Corsican is colored in shades of brown, orange, black and cream throughout. The animal is mounted in an upright position with the head facing to the right. Horns are nicely detailed and measure 28” around the curve on the right and 27 ½” on the left. Taxidermy craftsmanship quality rating of "Excellent". A perfect wall mount for the collector of sheep mounts or hunting trophy room.

Size: 21" tall x 15" wide x 19" deep.
Weight: 11 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single screw.
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About the Corsican Sheep

The Corsican sheep, or Corsican Ram, is one the most hunted of all the exotics in the US. The Corsican is a hybrid sheep that began its history in Texas about 40 years ago. There are several color variations to choose from when hunting a Corsican Sheep, and with these color variations come different names. Corsican Sheep are the result of initial crosses between the Mouflon Sheep with a wide range of other sheep including the Barbados.

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