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Climbing Gray Squirrel Taxidermy Mount - SW5605


Gray Squirrel Climbing Taxidermy Mount for Sale

Squirrel Taxidermy for Sale
Newly completed! Handsome climbing Gray Squirrel taxidermy. This Gray Squirrel is beautifully mounted on a genuine tree branch accented with moss. Alert expression with the head turned to the right looking over his shoulder. Big, bushy tail. Expert detailing throughout on this big Gray Squirrel. Thick fur with beautiful coloring. The craftsmanship of this mount earns the quality rating of "Nice". Wonderful piece for the trophy room or cabin or even for a wildlife nature center.
Scientific Name: Sciurus carolinensis
Size including wood base: 14" tall x 8" wide x 7" deep.
Wall Hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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