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Chipmunks in Canoe Taxidermy Mount - SW5477


Taxidermy for Sale - Two Chipmunks Paddling Canoe

Taxidermy Buying GuideJust completed! Two cute Chipmunks in canoe taxidermy mount. These two chipmunks are positioned in a nice looking birch bark canoe. The larger of the chipmunks has a wooden paddle and is hard at work moving their canoe. The smaller Chipmunk is hanging on for the ride. Both Chipmunks are beautifully colored in shades of brown, cream and tan with thick, sleek fur. They have pretty, distinct stripes. The authentic canoe is sitting on a nice wooden slab accented with moss. This display earns our taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent". What a wonderful gift for the sportsman or for the wildlife lover that has everything.
Scientific Name: Tamias
Size:  9" long x 6" tall x 8" deep
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