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Chipmunk Taxidermy Mount for Sale - SW3954


Taxidermy for Sale - Chipmunk on Driftwood

Taxidermy for Sale ReviewsNew mount! Cute Chipmunk taxidermy mount. This Chipmunk is positioned on all fours in a walking pose mounted on a solid piece of heavy driftwood. Alert, curious expression. Sharp markings in beautiful coloring of brown, tan and cream with thick, soft fur. Claws are intact and detailing is superb throughout. Because of the superior taxidermy, this mount is quality rated as "Excellent". What an ideal gift for the outdoorsman, sportsman or hunter.

Scientific Name: Tamias
Size including base: 9" long x 5" wide x 5" tall.
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About the Chipmunk- Tamias

Chipmunks are small squirrel-like rodents that are native to North America, although one species is found in some European countries. The most common chipmunks are the red Chipmunks with light brown stripes on their back. These are North American chipmunks. Chipmunks are also becoming more popular as pets. There are 25 different species of chipmunk living in the North American forests; the chipmunk is often referred to as a small squirrel due to the obvious similarities between the two mammals. The chipmunk plays a vital role within the forest eco-system, through the dispersing of seeds after/during the chipmunk eats. The Chipmunk eats fruits and berries that the forest plants produce and chews on the wood of plant stalks, as well as tree trunks, which then disperse the spores from the plant into the surrounding forest.